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This Week in History and Mentoring in the Classics+

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This Week in History is a daily resource that brings your home school or classroom to life...

Whatever you want to learn, whatever there is to teach, it starts with history!

With a subscription to This Week in History, each day’s resources are an adventure in math, science, language skills, geography, current events, the arts and so on – all tied to events in history.

 …so you can “Inspire, not Require”


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Rachel DeMille
Rachel DeMille
TJEd Mentor and Founder

Rachel DeMille is the co-creator of the world renowned educational resources commonly known as: TJEd. Her husband, Oliver, is New York Times Bestselling author of the original overview book, A Thomas Jefferson Education, and she is his co-author and editor on the others in the series. Rachel is the owner and editor of TJEd.org and the creator of the multi-award-winning “This Week in History” educational resources for the home and classroom.

Sara DeMille is the curator of your course. For any questions, concerns, broken links or recommendations, email her at sara@tjed.org.