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What is TJEd High!?

TJEd High! is an online liberal arts mentoring service for youth aged 13 and up, and is designed to motivate and empower serious Scholar Phase study, and enhance and leverage whatever other studies the youth is involved in - whether it be private studies with a local mentor; public, private or charter school; co-op/commonwealth/Vanguard, etc.; online courses; etc.

Who's it for?

  1. Youth, aged 13-18 who are prepared to do weekly readings and discussion at a basic level.
  2. A "Super-charged" honors level with additional readings and mentoring content is available at no additional cost for students who want to challenge themselves to even more depth and rigor.

TJEd High! for Youth is all about meeting you where you are at, then guiding and inspiring you through a full 5,000-hour Scholar Phase.

Click here for Fall 2017 Syllabus >>
Click here for Winter 2018 Syllabus >> 

We are introducing our TJEd High! mentoring service at the low rate of $45/month. This price is set to increase in early 2018, but those who enroll during Fall 2017 will secure this introductory rate for as long as they remain continuously enrolled.

ALSO: We urge TJEd High! parents to lead out by working on Mentoring in the Classics.  We highly recommend this option for the family's best success in Leadership Education, so that everyone is benefiting from a great learning trajectory!

Ian & Emma Cox
Ian & Emma Cox
TJEd Mentors

Who are the mentors?

  • Ian Cox, Lead Mentor
  • Emma (DeMille) Cox, Lead Mentor
  • Oliver DeMille, Lead Mentor
  • Sara DeMille, Mentor
  • Eliza (DeMille) Robinson, Mentor
  • Oliver James DeMille, Mentor
  • Missy (Nelson) DeMille, Mentor
  • Freeborn DeMille, Mentor

Ian and Emma Cox [aged 28 and 25] are young, energetic, and very much in tune with the experience of gaining a great education in youth. They are a husband and wife team who are both personally mentored by Oliver DeMille in their now post-graduate level of studies.

Ian and Emma are passionate about helping youth step up to the Love of Study, so that they spend their hours learning and refining their skills, broadening their exposure and deepening their understanding.

Subscribers to our Mentoring in the Classics series have raved at how their depth and insights not only speak to the parents, but motivate and inspire their children and youth! 

You can contact Ian and Emma personally at Ian@TJEd.org

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Week 15 December 18
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Week 1 January 8
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by Naomi Pack